NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign

NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign

Our People First Campaign is uniting community members, workers and community groups across the Lower East Side, Chinatown and around the city to stop the displacement of our low-income community of color. Now, as our anti-displacement organizing takes off around the city, NMASS members, friends and allies have launched the NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign. We’re raising funds to pay for:

  • Meeting space on the Lower East Side.
  • Printing of fliers, newsletters, posters and other educational materials.
  • Permits for public rallies and marches.
  • The NMASS Organizers Training Program, which offers a small stipend to a community member who commits to learning and organizing through the People First Campaign.

Thanks to the generous efforts of our crowdfunding campaign leaders, including Anne Kochman, Kiran Chaudhuri, Tosh Anderson, Victoria Londin, Patrick Ammerman, Jack Hospedales, Tom Powers and Hoon Kim, the NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign has already raised close to $3,000!  With your help, we can reach out goal of $25,000 in 20 days. Please visit our fundraising website, check out the campaign video made by NMASS member Beini Huang, and make a donation today.


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