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Protest Margaret Chin’s Racism: Thursday, 9/29 @6:30pm

Protest Margaret Chin’s Racism: Thursday, 9/29 @6:30pm

Don’t let Councilmember Margaret Chin divide and destroy our community by promoting high rents, racism, and displacement The City’s 2008 Rezoning Plan protected the majority white East Village, but excluded our community of Chinatown and Lower East Side. When the community rose up to demand equal protection, the City asked us to “wait patiently.” InContinue Reading

Daily News: Protestors Slam de Blasio Rezoning Proposal

The people’s mayor is quickly losing the people’s support on the Lower East Side. That was the message delivered to Mayor de Blasio at Gracie Mansion on Wednesday by a group of more than 100 angry, sign-wielding people protesting proposed neighborhood rezoning. The predominately Asian, Latino and black demonstrators organized by the Coalition to ProtectContinue Reading

NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign

NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign

Our People First Campaign is uniting community members, workers and community groups across the Lower East Side, Chinatown and around the city to stop the displacement of our low-income community of color. Now, as our anti-displacement organizing takes off around the city, NMASS members, friends and allies have launched the NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign.Continue Reading

NMASS Members Fighting Displacement

NMASS Members Fighting Displacement

Our People First Campaign has been growing city-wide. On December 5th, 700 community members gathered at a historic town hall meeting at the Seward Park High School on Grand Street. They were joined by District Leader Jennifer Rajkumar and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez. Mayor de Blasio sent a representative to ask the community to “compromise” on ourContinue Reading

Town Hall Meeting: December 5th

Town Hall Meeting: December 5th

Invitation to Mayor de Blasio:  Meet with the Community and Answer Our Demands Saturday, December 5th at 4pm to 6pm Seward Park High School 350 Grand Street between Ludlow and Essex Twice this fall over 1,000 people marched from Chinatown and the Lower East Side to City Hall demanding Mayor de Blasio take a standContinue Reading

Bowery Boogie: Lower East Side and Chinatown, Rise Up!

Read our Op-Ed in the Bowery Boogie: “For the last few weeks, the Lower East Side has been buzzing with news of a new era. Many different sectors of the community have been coming out to support the adoption of a community rezoning plan. Hundreds of Latino, African American, Chinese and white residents, workers, studentsContinue Reading

Tenants Speak Out vs. Eviction by Slumlord,  Urge Mayor to Take Steps to Prevent Further Displacement in  Chinatown/LES

Tenants Speak Out vs. Eviction by Slumlord, Urge Mayor to Take Steps to Prevent Further Displacement in Chinatown/LES

On May 18, 27 families of 83 and 85 Bowery protested with dozens of other residents, the Coalition to Protect Chinatown and Lower East Side, the office of Public Advocate Leticia James and District Leader Jenifer Rajkumar to condemn their slumlord Joseph Betesh, owner of the Dr. Jay’s hip hop clothing chain store. Since BeteshContinue Reading

Lower East Side Says Hell No to Extell’s Racist Skyscraper, Demands Mayor de Blasio take Action

Over the past month, hundreds of residents in the Lower East Side and Chinatown have taken to the streets to send a message to Mayor de Blasio: Stop the displacement along the Lower East Side and Chinatown. On April 28, over 200 residents of the Lower East Side and Chinatown came out to protest againstContinue Reading

Tues, 4/28, 11am: LES and Chinatown Rally to STOP Extell’s Racist Luxury Development

The Extell tower is being built on a former publicly-owned lot (the Two Bridges Urban Renewal Area) that housed a Pathmark on 227 Cherry St., the only affordable supermarket serving the surrounding low-income community. Since the Pathmark was closed in 2012, residents have struggled to find quality affordable groceries. Furthermore, the Extell tower will beContinue Reading

Extell’s Racist Development Would Make LES Home to the 1%

Extell’s Racist Development Would Make LES Home to the 1%

Extell Development Corp. plans to build a 72-story, ultra-luxury tower where Pathmark once stood. The Lower East Side needs more low-income housing and affordable services, not luxury housing or hotels.We call on everyone to join and help to organize the community. This racist skyscraper on our waterfront should not be built. We also ask you to supportContinue Reading

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