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Dozens Picket @ Indus Valley Restaurant

Dozens Picket @ Indus Valley Restaurant

Last Sunday, dozens of people united to support and fight with Indus Valley workers. Indus Valley owners, Phuman and Lakhvir Singh, stole wages from their workers and abused their workers for years. Indus Valley workers called on community members and other workers to join them on the picket line.Continue Reading

Court Judgment: Indus Valley owes workers $700,000 Who’s enforcing the law?

from the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign… JOIN THE WEEKLY PICKET IN FRONT OF INDUS VALLEY (MANHATTAN VALLEY), 2636 BROADWAY (AT 100 ST.) BEGINNING THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, AT 5:30 P.M. We are workers of Indus Valley, Earthen Oven and Amla, restaurants owned by Puhman Singh and Lakhvir Singh. We worked hard—some more than 60Continue Reading

Please Give to Help STOP Wage Theft

A few weeks ago, we launched the Workers Enforcement Fundraising Project to support workers who are organizing for just, enforceable labor laws in New York State. We’ve raised several thousand so far, but we need your help to reach out goal of $25,000! Help us continue to build this movement by visiting the fundraising campaignContinue Reading

Nail Salon, Restaurant, Day Laborer Workers and Advocates Urge Cuomo To Do More for Enforcement

Nail Salon, Restaurant, Day Laborer Workers and Advocates Urge Cuomo To Do More for Enforcement

Yesterday NMASS members were joined by other Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage Increase partners to hold a press conference to acknowledge Gov. Cuomo’s recent recognition that the lack of labor law enforcement is a problem and to urge him to do more. For almost two years, the Coalition has been highlighting the problems ofContinue Reading

New York Times: When It Comes to Wage Abuses, It’s Not Just Nail Salons

by Jim Dwyer for the New York Times: “…As of the end of 2013, at least $125 million in unpaid judgments and orders for wage reimbursements had piled up over the previous 10 years, according to a study released in March, “Empty Judgments: The Wage Collection Crisis in New York.” The laws are clear on minimumContinue Reading

NYC Council & Leticia James Resolve to Stop Wage Theft!

NYC Council & Leticia James Resolve to Stop Wage Theft!

The organizing work of NMASS and the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign inspired the Public Advocate Letitia James and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to introduce a resolution approved by the City Council to support the SWEAT (SecuringWages Earned Against Theft) that we helped to realize. This bill will help stop wage theft by making theContinue Reading

Workers to City Council: Support State Bill to Stop Crime Wave Against Workers

On April 20, 2015, the NYC Council Committee on Women’s Issues and Committee on Civil Service and Labor  held a hearing on Resolution 0612-2015. The Resolution calls on the NYS Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign, Assembly Bill No. 5501, which will strengthen New York’s labor laws so that workers can actually collectContinue Reading

Workers, Advocates Announce SWEAT Report in Albany

Workers, Advocates Announce SWEAT Report in Albany

Almost 50 members of the SWEAT (Securing Wages Earned Against Theft) Coalition traveled to Albany last week to announce the release of a report on wage theft and to expose how the legal system helps employers avoid responsibility for that crime. They were joined by Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal who announced  a new bill toContinue Reading

The New York Times: Awarded Stolen Wages, Workers Struggle to Collect

After due consideration of records and testimony, the State of New York found that Marco Lino, who chopped vegetables and mopped floors and hoisted crates six days a week in a Bayside, Queens, greenmarket, was owed $51,025.20 in unpaid wages…. Read the whole article at!Continue Reading

NYS Wage Board Recommends an Increase to Tipped Workers’ Wages, Service Workers Call on Cuomo to Make the Wage Increase Real

The State Wage Board’s recommendation Friday to raise the minimum wage of tipped workers is a step in the right direction. Coming after more than a year of picketing and outreach in front of the State Department of Labor by service worker members and supporters of the Justice Will Be Served Campaign, this recommendation finallyContinue Reading

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