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From The Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign & Chinese Staff and Workers Assoc.

 CPC forces home attendants to work 24 hours! Workers call on 1199 SEIU to stand with them, clean up their act! Lai Yee Chan, a home attendant for Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC), helped her patients day and night for over 15 years. During the day, she bathed and fed her patients. At night, she helpedContinue Reading

Rally, 3/8: Women Workers Reclaim International Working Women’s Day

Rally, 3/8: Women Workers Reclaim International Working Women’s Day

Sunday, 3/8: Women Workers and Families Reclaim International Working Women’s Day; Demand End to Mandatory Overtime With Public Call: “Shame on Costco Management!”Continue Reading

Women Workers Rally vs. Mandatory Overtime

Women Workers Rally vs. Mandatory Overtime

On July 26, 2014, the women workers of Pactiv were joined by over 100 workers, families and concerned residents in a rally to call on the wholesale giant Costco tostop selling Reynolds’ sweatshop products. Together with the Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign, Pactiv workers are calling for a boycott of Reynolds products, until Reynolds meets workers’ demands. Continue Reading

NY Daily News: workers want Costco to stop buying from sweatshop products from Reynolds

A group of activist-workers has a message for Costco: “Stop supporting sweatshops.” The mostly Asian and Hispanic women want the retail giant to make some wholesale changes to its plastic purchasing practices. Specifically, the workers want Costco to stop buying from plastics conglomerate Reynolds, which draws a large portion of its product stock from aContinue Reading

Sat. 7/26 Rally for a Pactiv-free Costco!

Sat. 7/26 Rally for a Pactiv-free Costco!

NMASS joins workers and students of the Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign to demand that Costco STOP peddling the sweatshop products of Reynolds Group subsidiary, Pactiv. Pactiv forced Kearny NJ workers to do so much overtime that they became injured and even disabled Pactiv sped up the machines to the point that the women wereContinue Reading

Students Organizing Against Reynolds Teach-In: 7/11, 6pm

Reynolds Group Holdings is one of the worst sweatshop companies in the US. Pactiv, a subsidiary of Reynolds, forced workers to do overtime till they were injured or even disabled. Learn how Pactiv’s sweatshop conditions affect us all! Join students who are kicking Reynolds out of their schools and neighborhoods!Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Fundraising Campaign: We Did It!

Thanks to all of you who gave and helped to spread the word–because of you, we exceeded our goal of $10,000 by Mother’s Day. Now, family caregivers leading the fight for respect and recognition from NYCHA will get the space, training and support they need to win!Continue Reading

Please give in honor of Mother’s Day

Even in the face of evictions, women working hard to care for sick and elderly parents in public housing aren’t backing down. Together with NMASS, they’ve launched the Family Caregivers Project to demand that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) respect their caregiving work and give them successor rights to the family apartment where theyContinue Reading

Family Caregivers Come Together to Make Demands on NYCHA

“I moved in to LaGuardia take care of my very ill mother. My mother had cared for her own mother who’d lived there since 1968. Juggling work and and the care of my mother, I lost my job as well as my previous apartment. Me and my two children had been living with my mother for a while when she applied toContinue Reading

Ain’t I A Woman & Creative Time: 10/19 @ 4:30pm

Ain’t I A Woman & Creative Time: 10/19 @ 4:30pm

The Ain’t I a Woman?! Campaign and supporters of Boycott Reynolds will be participating in Creative Time’s performance, Between the Door and the Street, organized by Suzanne Lacey, in partnership with the Brooklyn Museum. On October 19, some 300 women and a few men–all selected to represent a cross-section of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives–will gather on theContinue Reading

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