5 year pledge

In 1996, in the early days of NMASS, we organized from a borrowed room in Brooklyn, donated temporary space in community centers, even a minivan with a set of boxes that held our files and materials.  Fast forward 18 years and we have finally settled into our center on the Lower East Side!

Our center is our home base. It’s where we unite working people from the New York area and beyond to learn from each other and grow a new movement of working people.  Whether it’s a criminal justice system that shields the police, a Dept. of Labor under Governor Cuomo that looks the other way while bosses rob us of our wages, or immigration policies that criminalize and divide us, the government continues to use the law to enrich the few at our expense. For years, NMASS has been at the forefront of the fight to hold our government accountable to us working people. Our work is expanding every day, thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters, the leadership of our members and the space to organize at our center on Grand Street.

Thank you to our 5 year pledgers!

(list in formation)

Hollis Pfitsch & Maggie Kawinski

Kiran Chaudhuri

Jubencio Diaz

Marco Lino

Anne Kochman

Richard DeBenedetto & Victoria Londin

Beini Huang

Paul Ahn

Yolanda Donato

Sooyoung Lee

Adolfo Lopez

Tosh Anderson

David Tieu

Amelia Aviles

Carlos Herrera Rodriguez

Carmen Estrada

Cecily Kihn

Elsie Nieves

Fernando Lopez

Fernilda Navarro

Angel Hernandez

JoAnn Lum

Jose Cruz

Kai Wen Yang

Karah Newton

Lanier Anderson

Nancy Anderson

Sarah Ahn

Similiano Martinez

Soo Lee

Thomas Kihn

Venancio Galindo

Wendy Tejada

Maximina Delgado

Michael Lalan

Iren Shen

Gwen Simpson

Elizabeth Koo

Nelson Mar

National Mobilization Against Sweatshops

Lower East Side Workers Center

345 Grand Street, NY, NY, 10003

Tel: (212) 358-0295  Email: nmass@yahoo.com