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The New York Times: Awarded Stolen Wages, Workers Struggle to Collect

After due consideration of records and testimony, the State of New York found that Marco Lino, who chopped vegetables and mopped floors and hoisted crates six days a week in a Bayside, Queens, greenmarket, was owed $51,025.20 in unpaid wages…. Read the whole article at!Continue Reading

Wednesday, 2/25, Press Conf in Albany: The Crisis of Wage Theft

Wednesday, 2/25, Press Conf in Albany: The Crisis of Wage Theft

More and more workers are getting cheated of our wages. Some estimate that $1 billion a year is stolen from workers in NYC alone. Not only are employers using many tricks to cheat workers out of pay but they are also using many tactics to avoid paying on wage theft judgments and settlements.Continue Reading

NYS Wage Board Recommends an Increase to Tipped Workers’ Wages, Service Workers Call on Cuomo to Make the Wage Increase Real

The State Wage Board’s recommendation Friday to raise the minimum wage of tipped workers is a step in the right direction. Coming after more than a year of picketing and outreach in front of the State Department of Labor by service worker members and supporters of the Justice Will Be Served Campaign, this recommendation finallyContinue Reading

Woman Warrior: a poem by Yolanda Donato

Woman Warrior: a poem by Yolanda Donato

Our members are constantly developing new ways to talk about the work of organizing in our communities and our workplaces. Recently, with outreach for our 5 year pledge fundraising campaign in mind, Yolanda Donato, an NMASS board member, composed this poem:  WOMAN WARRIOR A strong Woman warrior has the fortitude of not being afraid of anythingContinue Reading

NMASS 5 Year Pledge Kick-Off Party!

NMASS 5 Year Pledge Kick-Off Party!

Last Saturday NMASS members came together with friends, families and supporters to celebrate 18 years of organizing and kick off our 5 year pledge campaign to secure our center on Grand Street. Continue Reading

CUNY Labor Coalition Honors NMASS

Last month, the Labor Coalition for Workers’ Rights and Economic Justice at theCUNY School of Law honored NMASS for its work to build a new labor movement. Coalition member Kristen Zapalac presented the award and emphasized NMASS’ unique and timely perspective that calls on all of us, as workers, across trade, ethnicity, race, and age, toContinue Reading

Daily News: Wage Theft Too Often Going Unpunished

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS || Sunday, November 23, 2014: New York is a great city, but as Marco Lino can attest, a workers’ paradise it is not. For four years, Lino, 53, worked 13 hours a day, six days a week stocking shelves at Rosemary’s Farm, a small grocery store in Flushing. His weekly salary was $350, thatContinue Reading

Hundreds Rally at DOL, tell Cuomo: NO MORE WAGE THEFT!

Hundreds Rally at DOL, tell Cuomo: NO MORE WAGE THEFT!

On the morning that Gov. Cuomo’s book tour comes to NYC, over 200 workers and advocates rallied to demand that Cuomo stop supporting illegal sweatshop businesses and start enforcing the labor law.Continue Reading

This Wednesday, 10/15, 9am: Demand Governor Cuomo Enforce the Labor Law

This Wednesday, 10/15, 9am: Demand Governor Cuomo Enforce the Labor Law

Governor Cuomo: Stop promoting sweatshops in NYS and stand up for workers Our monthly pickets outside the Department of Labor have brought together service workers, office workers, day laborers, and unpaid interns, and have succeeded in pressuring Cuomo to convene a wage board to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers as well as inContinue Reading

From our friends at the Flushing Workers Center: Workers Protest the Bank of Tokyo for Benefiting from the Sweatshop Practices at Rainbow Limo

On September 23, 2014, workers and supporters will protest the Bank of Tokyo to demand it stop benefiting from the sweatshop practices at Rainbow Limo. Two groups of workers at Rainbow Limo came forward to fight back against sweatshop conditions and filed lawsuits against Rainbow Limo and owner, SeongBae Dan for failing to pay overtime,Continue Reading

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