Court Judgment: Indus Valley owes workers $700,000 Who’s enforcing the law?

from the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign…


We are workers of Indus Valley, Earthen Oven and Amla, restaurants owned by Puhman Singh and Lakhvir Singh. We worked hard—some more than 60 hours per week. But we were paid as little as $3 an hour and no overtime pay. The employers were nasty. They would scream at us: “Stupid,” “f___ you,” “animal.” They would make anti-Muslim remarks about the Muslim workers. They even shoved and kicked some workers while they worked. Several were injured or developed health problems from these abusive conditions. They fired several of the workers who were organizing. Six groups of workers have sued the Singhs!

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From The Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign & Chinese Staff and Workers Assoc.

 CPC forces home attendants to work 24 hours! Workers call on 1199 SEIU to stand with them, clean up their act! Lai Yee Chan, a home attendant for Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC), helped her patients day and night for over 15 years. During the day, she bathed and fed her patients. At night, she helpedContinue Reading

From the Securing Wages Earned Against Theft Coalition

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The Villager: New Extell building is wrecking the hood, in many ways

YANNIC RACK for the Villager: Lower East Siders gathered near the Manhattan Bridge on South St. once again this week to protest against the 80-story apartment tower — dubbed the “Building from Hell” — that is currently rising there, and whose construction they say is damaging neighboring buildings. “This is not about gentrification, this isContinue Reading

WNYC: Despite New Laws, Delivery Cyclists Continue to Take Risks and Get Hurt

Check out NMASS and delivery workers Carlos Rodriguez-Herrera, interviewed on WNYC Jack D’Isidoro for WNYC: In a city that’s always moving, working as a food delivery cyclist in New York is not only demanding, but incredibly risky: they are four to seven times more likely to be injured in a motor vehicle collision than non-commercial cyclists,Continue Reading

NYT: Nail Salon Sweeps in New York Reveal Abuses and Regulatory Challenges

From The New York Times:  Labor investigators have swept through nail salons across the state since May, when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo ordered them to step up their scrutiny of the industry in response to a series of articles in The New York Times that revealed abysmal pay and working conditions among nail salon workers ReadContinue Reading

Fox 5: Neighbors Protest Manhattan Skyscraper

Watch the video here! Jessica Formoso, for Fox News: Two years ago the supermarket Pathmark closed down. Last year the development company Extell came in and is constructing what will be an 80-story luxury skyscraper at a site in Lower Manhattan. Now residents are outraged and are telling the city to stop the construction becauseContinue Reading

Daily News: Protestors Slam de Blasio Rezoning Proposal

The people’s mayor is quickly losing the people’s support on the Lower East Side. That was the message delivered to Mayor de Blasio at Gracie Mansion on Wednesday by a group of more than 100 angry, sign-wielding people protesting proposed neighborhood rezoning. The predominately Asian, Latino and black demonstrators organized by the Coalition to ProtectContinue Reading

NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign

NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign

Our People First Campaign is uniting community members, workers and community groups across the Lower East Side, Chinatown and around the city to stop the displacement of our low-income community of color. Now, as our anti-displacement organizing takes off around the city, NMASS members, friends and allies have launched the NMASS People First Fundraising Campaign.Continue Reading

NMASS Members Fighting Displacement

NMASS Members Fighting Displacement

Our People First Campaign has been growing city-wide. On December 5th, 700 community members gathered at a historic town hall meeting at the Seward Park High School on Grand Street. They were joined by District Leader Jennifer Rajkumar and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez. Mayor de Blasio sent a representative to ask the community to “compromise” on ourContinue Reading

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