Women Workers Rally vs. Mandatory Overtime

Women Workers Rally vs. Mandatory Overtime

On July 26, 2014, the women workers of Pactiv were joined by over 100 workers, families and concerned residents in a rally to call on the wholesale giant Costco tostop selling Reynolds’ sweatshop products. Together with the Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign, Pactiv workers are calling for a boycott of Reynolds products, until Reynolds meets workers’ demands. Continue Reading

NY Daily News: workers want Costco to stop buying from sweatshop products from Reynolds

A group of activist-workers has a message for Costco: “Stop supporting sweatshops.” The mostly Asian and Hispanic women want the retail giant to make some wholesale changes to its plastic purchasing practices. Specifically, the workers want Costco to stop buying from plastics conglomerate Reynolds, which draws a large portion of its product stock from aContinue Reading

Picket the DOL! This Weds., 7/16, 9am

Picket the DOL! This Weds., 7/16, 9am

On June 11, 2014, the Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage Increase launched a big demonstration in front of the Department of Labor. Workers from Indus Valley, who waited for more than 6 years for the Department of Labor to act, had held weekly pickets for a month. More than 200 workers and advocates participated inContinue Reading

Students Organizing Against Reynolds Teach-In: 7/11, 6pm

Reynolds Group Holdings is one of the worst sweatshop companies in the US. Pactiv, a subsidiary of Reynolds, forced workers to do overtime till they were injured or even disabled. Learn how Pactiv’s sweatshop conditions affect us all! Join students who are kicking Reynolds out of their schools and neighborhoods!Continue Reading

Daily News: Workers Wage War Against Wage Theft

Daily News: Workers Wage War Against Wage Theft

Albor Ruiz for the Daily News: The sign at a rally outside state Department of Labor offices last week said it all: “Hey Cuomo, what would you do if you had to wait over six years to be paid by your employer?” Yes, Gov. Cuomo, what would you do? Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/restaurant-workers-waging-war-wage-theft-article-1.1829472#ixzz34nzIYow8Continue Reading

NYS Department of Labor’s Widespread Failure to Serve Wage Theft Victims

The Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage Increase, recently obtained documents from the New York State Department of Labor that show: Backlog:  As of July 2013, the Department of Labor has more than14,000 open cases for unpaid wages.  The Department of Labor routinely does not even start its investigations until a year or more after the workerContinue Reading

Picket the Deptartment of Labor!

Picket the Deptartment of Labor!

In 2008, workers at Indus Valley Restaurant went to the Department of Labor to file complaints about the minimum-wage violations by their employer. Year after year, they called the Department of Labor about their case. Nothing. And they’re not alone–the DOL has 14,000 open cases. Join us! Come to the picket line every Wednesday at 9 a.m. toContinue Reading

DNAinfo:  Push for more low income housing in LES & Chinatown

DNAinfo: Push for more low income housing in LES & Chinatown

by Lisha Arino, DNAinfo, May 14th, 2014 LOWER EAST SIDE — Encouraged by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 10-year affordable housing plan announced earlier this month, a coalition of community groups is renewing a push to limit luxury development and increase low-income housing in Chinatown and the Lower East Side.Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Fundraising Campaign: We Did It!

Thanks to all of you who gave and helped to spread the word–because of you, we exceeded our goal of $10,000 by Mother’s Day. Now, family caregivers leading the fight for respect and recognition from NYCHA will get the space, training and support they need to win!Continue Reading

Please give in honor of Mother’s Day

Even in the face of evictions, women working hard to care for sick and elderly parents in public housing aren’t backing down. Together with NMASS, they’ve launched the Family Caregivers Project to demand that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) respect their caregiving work and give them successor rights to the family apartment where theyContinue Reading

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